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A Seamless Experience

Challenge: Improve customer engagement and loyalty

Through in-depth customer and employee interviews, stakeholder mapping and the creation of personas, we mapped out a digital customer journey to identify key pain-points currently experienced by consumers. We developed a set of guidelines to improve the current digital channels and craft a seamless experience.

The Insurance is now able to provide a superior online experience with magical moments that capture customers’ attention and loyalty.



Personal medical feed

Challenge: Build an alliance between a pharmaceutical company and healthcare professionals

Through in-depth interviews, we realised medics suffer from fragmented online experiences when searching for new updates or news in their field of work. Powered by this enlightening information, we developed a personal medical news feed, where medics can follow different topics, access e-learning tools, ask a BOT for more detailed information and much more.

By offering valuable content to healthcare professionals through a user-friendly platform, a pharmaceutical company becomes irreplaceable.



Case-study: Car on-demand

Challenge:  Innovate the concept of car ownership for the future of rentals

Car manufacturing companies need to find new ways to deliver better services by embracing customer-centric strategies and disruptive technologies. With that in mind, we envisioned an emotional relationship model driven by customer insights. With our personal mobility app,  users can rent cars suited to their lifestyles, access new cars for special circumstances such as holidays or business trips, among many other features.

A superior unified experience gives car manufacturing companies a solid advantage in their market and helps them achieve higher customer performance.



A partner for life

Challenge:  Transform the Bank’s relationship with its customers

We created a new relationship model, one where the organisation is completely customer-centric and all the interaction channels are focused on delivering the best seamless experience. Thus, creating an emotional long-lasting link between business and consumer — from like to love.

Instead of solely selling financial products, the Bank helps customers achieve their dreams — buy a house,  go on a trip, save money for a car.



Case-study: Smart energy home

Challenge:  Turn a low relationship model into a full energy experience for all endusers 

To deliver an extraordinary customer experience for all endusers living under the same roof,  a company should offer more than the traditional house options. To do just that, we developed a new service offering and customer interaction model, taking into consideration the people living in a house, not the house itself.

We set out to create a truly seamless experience, so Energy companies can maintain strong relationships with their current customers and successfully attract new ones. 


We work within a number of industries, helping our clients find the best solutions for their problems.

Amongst Power Companies, Banking Institutions, Big consumer Retailers, Tourism providers, Insurance Companies, Mobility players, Pharma Companies and many others.